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The Gorgeous Samsung UHD 4K S9 TV With Supporting Frame

The Gorgeous Samsung UHD 4K S9 TV With Supporting Frame

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Samsung UHD 4K S9 is just like one of those fine (expensive) jewels that, if you are lucky enough to afford it, our advice is to definitely go for it. The super expensive  85-inch “swing-like” TV runs at an impressive  3,820 x 2160 resolution. You can adjust the screen by simply “swinging” it a little bit, from its supporting frame.

The good and exciting news is that you don’t actually have to move the entire TV. If we judge Samsung UHD 4K S9 by the specs (quad-core processor, voice and gesture control and the whole range of available apps), we have to say that this, ladies and gents, is one bold and powerful smart TV. “This is the world’s first Future Ready UHD TV. The quality and definition breaks new boundaries in the world of HD TV. Our customers expect the latest and finest technology for their homes and personal use. We hope to pioneer the way forward in the latest releases and Samsung is exactly this. I’m sure it will be a huge success.”

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t like having this precious piece of tech in his/her home?! Of course not! It’s absolutely fabulous! The stunning picture quality, the captivating sound of a 120W 3 way sound system and the cutting edge design deliver an immersive experience, like no other! Keep an eye on it, because UHD 4K S9 will hit the stores any day now! Price: $40,000.