At CES, Samsung unveiled the Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV, a television with a horizontal resolution of nearly 4000 thousand pixels. At 85 inches the Samsung S9 TV takes the title of largest 4K television beating existing 4k TVs by a full inch. David Steel, Samsung North America’s executive vice president of corporate strategy, said that the S9′s UHD picture quality and design put it head and shoulders above the competition in the Ultra HD space. “Number one is the image quality, and this is where we have built our reputation. As for design, we believe that this is becoming just as important for consumers,” explains Steel.

In addition, the next-level screen has notable staples like high contrast ratio, 2.2 channel audio, integrated scaler to make your 1080p videos viewable at the higher res and fast quad-core processor to ensure a premium experience and true multitasking capabilities between content and apps. There’s no release date or pricing as of yet for the Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV.