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Rottet Collection’s Striking Collaboration with DUXIANA

Rottet Collection’s Striking Collaboration with DUXIANA

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist

In the realm of luxury bedroom design, a groundbreaking collaboration has emerged between two titans of comfort and style. Lauren Rottet, the globally acclaimed architect and designer of Rottet Collection, has partnered with the Swedish bed virtuosos, DUXIANA. This alliance premiered at Boutique Design New York, introducing a new era in sumptuous sleeping experiences.

A Meeting of Minds and Design Philosophy

At the heart of this partnership is a shared vision for excellence. DUXIANA, revered for its ergonomically superior DUX Beds, brings its expertise in comfort to Rottet Collection’s distinctive bed frames. Henrik Ljung, CEO of DUX, articulates this union as a milestone in bedroom decor, where exceptional craftsmanship meets innovative design.

The Bed Designs – A Triad of Elegance

The collaboration has birthed three exquisite bed designs: Aspen, Baldwin, and Essex. Each piece reflects a fusion of artisanal skill and global material sourcing. Lauren Rottet herself expresses excitement over this blend, especially with the inclusion of DUX’s frameless mattresses and co-branded linens.

A Deep Dive into Each Design

  • Essex Bed: A fusion of contemporary elegance and utility, featuring a choice of leather, lacquer, or wood headboards, and metal banding. The integrated nightstands with concealed drawers and ambient lighting exemplify sophistication.
  • Aspen Bed: Inspired by the serenity of the Rocky Mountains, it offers a plush leather upholstery (with additional Rottet Collection options), a gracefully curved headboard, and a warm wood frame.
  • Baldwin Bed: A robust design with a leather-upholstered wood frame and headboard, accented with metal and complemented by a padded headrest. The integration of wood and stone side tables adds to its luxurious functionality.

Customization at its Finest

Rottet Collection allows personalization with an array of fabric options, wood finishes including Cerused Oak and Smoke Ebony, and metal details ranging from Polished Stainless to Dark Bronze. Stone finishes like Carrara marble add a touch of opulence.

Where to Experience and Acquire

These masterpieces of bedroom elegance are showcased at the Rottet Collection Showroom in New York. For those desiring a personal touch, appointments and orders are just a call or email away, ensuring a seamless acquisition of these bespoke bed designs.

The Rottet Collection and DUXIANA collaboration redefines luxury in the bedroom. It’s not just about sleeping; it’s an embrace of unparalleled comfort and style, a testament to what happens when visionary design meets cutting-edge ergonomics.

Contact Information: To experience this luxury first-hand, visit the Rottet Collection Showroom or contact them at 1-866-400-4777 or For more information, visit