Visiting Greece means indulging in a spectacular vacation, surrounded by the natural beauty of this country’s blessed location. If you want to experience a luxurious collection of vacation days, then the Ikies Traditional Houses is the perfect place to unwind while merging with the surroundings of Santorini Island’s northern shore. Modified over the years to offer a sensational mix of emotions through design, the luxurious hotel greets the need for relaxation with its traditional lines combined with the best of modern luxury.

Privileged by commanding caldera views from its high location, the Ikies Traditional Houses welcome guests in a dramatic setting adorned with private terraces prolonging into inviting private spaces. Perfect for romantic getaways, honeymoons, leisure travel or experimenting with the island’s take on life, the boutique hotel induces a forgotten feeling of tranquility in every guest’s heart. Nestled above the water in a romantic little village named Oia, the luxury boutique hotel overlooking surrounding Cycladic islands offers an intimate retreat for those looking for a little romance. Can you imagine yourself embracing the one you love on a pristine white terrace?