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Rolls-Royce Winter Driving Experience: Luxury on Snow and Ice

Rolls-Royce Winter Driving Experience: Luxury on Snow and Ice

Recently, Pursuitist was invited to Montreal, Quebec to experience all that is Rolls-Royce. The twist in this program was we would be driving Ghost, Cullinan and the full-electric Spectre on snow and ice.

Snow and ice!

Are you nuts? Why would anyone risk upsetting their jars of Grey Poupon galivanting on snow and ice in vehicles that bore price tags north of a half-million dollars?

Because you can.

I can safely say that the mantra of many Rolls-Royce owners is just that. They experience life to the fullest and welcome new opportunities to explore and enjoy the world’s finest production motorcars.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec

Our Quebec Winter Drive was curated for Rolls-Royce owners and Canadian and U.S. media by Gad Bitton, President of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec. Bitton owns several high-end stores, as well as the Académie De Karting Jim Russell Circuit Mon Tremblant racetrack facility where we experienced the winter drive, and is a serious automotive enthusiast. After a few rounds of hot coffee to warm us in the frigid temperatures, Bitton addressed assembled media:

“It’s very nice to have you all here today at our Circuit Mon Tremblant. We’ll extend an invitation to you in the summer so you can see what these amazing motorcars can also do on dry track, but today you’re going to witness something very interesting — The Rolls-Royce Spectre on snow and ice. This vehicle has really surprised me with its cutting-edge technology that ensures a confident, luxurious ride no matter the weather. As journalists, one thing you should keep in mind is that in the worldwide electric car marketplace, many models are experiencing purchasing pushback from consumers. Spectre is an EV that exceeds demand. You will have a fun time today on the snow and ice.”

Gad Bitton

Bitton was right. Over three tons of precious metal on the snow and ice, while coddled in the finest leathers with the Starlight Headliner shining above, visible even in daylight.

Rolls-Royce Americas CEO Martin Fritches also addressed assembled media and said: “Thank you Gad and welcome to Mont Tremblant. And while I work for Rolls-Royce, I appreciate the efforts of our retail partners as they make magic happen, like this event today at this incredible circuit. These types of events don’t happen that often in the Rolls-Royce world globally, and this is the first time we’ve done a winter driving event in North America. In regards to our motorcars, Spectre is our latest launch and is doing incredibly well with its full-electric drivetrain. As many of you know, Rolls-Royce’s full product range will be all-electric by 2030.

Martin Fritches

But back to today’s experience. Earlier in the day, many of our customers enjoyed experiencing the limits of Rolls-Royce models in such a challenging environment, particularly with Spectre, as it’s the first car we’ve offered with All-Wheel Drive. With Cullinan, for the fifth year in a row, we hit a record for new commissions, and the allure of Ghost speaks for itself. So enjoy driving electric and V12 powertrains on the snow and ice.”

The Circuit Mont-Tremblant Experience

Due to logistics and personal time constraints, I only drove Ghost and Spectre, with Cullinan the only vehicle I didn’t experience. But I already knew that Cullinan, with its all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer system, had the chops to excel on the snow/ice course.

Ghost did well, especially considering its rear-wheel drive architecture and powerful V12 engine. With Pirelli P-Zero winter tires, Ghost exhibited a predictable, fun, drive experience.

But for me, Spectre really stole the show!

A dual-motor All-Wheel Drive powertrain kept Spectre’s near 6,400-pound weight — which includes the weight of the battery pack and over 1,500 pounds of sound insulation — in check on the winter course.  I did about a dozen laps, and ride and handling were spot-on thanks to Spectre’s Planar Suspension System, which includes a four-wheel steering system. During cornering, under all conditions, individual sensors monitor almost 20 different steering, braking, power delivery and suspension parameters, and adjust them automatically to maintain perfect tracking and stability.  Spectre was ultra-impressive on the course.

Spectre was a blast to drive

As mentioned earlier in this story by Rolls CEO Martin Fritches, Spectre represents a paradigm shift for the marque as Rolls-Royce sets its sights on full electrification by the year 2030.

Thank You Roll-Royce Motorcars Quebec

Pursuitist thoroughly enjoyed our winter driving experience at the Académie de Karting Mont Tremblant Circuit.

Special thanks go out to Gad Britton of Roll-Royce Motorcars Quebec, Martin Fritches, and to Gerry Spahn, Head of Corporate Communications for Rolls-Royce North Aerica; and Tori Coppinger, Communications Officer for Rolls-Royce North America.

Martin Fritches, Gad Bitton, Gerry Spahn


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