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Rolls-Royce Serenity Heads To Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce Serenity Heads To Geneva Motor Show

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Serenity prevails at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show as Rolls-Royce showcases its new one-off concept car. The ongoing auto show is a haven of tranquility as the celebrated marque brings Serenity to Switzerland.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_exteriorRaising the bar of luxurious comforts, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke Design team has created a magnificent one-off motor car that redefines luxury individualization in the motor industry.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiorsHighlighting silk as the symbol of absolute splendor, Serenity reintroduces the finest of textiles to create the most opulent interior of any luxury car.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiors_silk_embroideryFit for Royalty, this kind of interior celebrates the historical role played by silk as a symbol of regal and imperial power. Rolls-Royces’ Bespoke Design team has been inspired by the opulent interiors of the Rolls-Royces driven by the Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses and world leaders throughout history.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiors_2Serenity also tranquilly rides in with contemporary interpretations of European furniture combined with Japanese Royal Kimono designs.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiors_3In order to create this totally one-off bolt of silk for Serenity, the Bespoke team sourced the unspun silk thread and had it hand-dyed by the Chinese craftspeople. It was then transported to one of Britain’s oldest mills, based in Essex, to be hand-woven into just 10 metres of the fabric which is just enough to clothe the interior of Serenity. The numerous colors of silk thread were painstakingly blended into the highest quality warp which has 140 threads per centimeter to result in the lustrous Smoke Green color of the underlying silk fabric. Back in London, British and Chinese craftspeople embroidered their vision of copper-colored branches and white petals. The final touch was the detailed petal by petal hand-painting of crimson blossoms directly onto the silk. The resulting panels and swatches that have formed the centerpiece of Serenity would take up to 600 hours of work per panel.

Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiorsThe lustre of Phantom Serenity’s exterior dazzles with its powerful and noble presence. Its Bespoke Mother of Pearl paint is the most expensive one-off paint ever developed by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

ROLLS-ROYCE_BESPOKE_SERENITY_PHANTOM_EXTENDED_WHEELBASEIt has been added in a three stage pearl effect and hand-polished for 12 hours by the craftspeople at the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood to deliver this shimmering presence.

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Rolls_Royce_Serenity_interiors_1 Rolls_Royce_Serenity_parasolsAs a final touch, two parasols featuring the Serenity motif are held by Bespoke leather loops incorporated into the boot lid.

ROLLS-ROYCE_BESPOKE_SERENITY_PHANTOM_EXTENDED_WHEELBASE_1Serenity calms the nerves of anxious Rolls-Royce fans at the ongoing Geneva International Motor Show and will be on the stand for visitors to admire from 5th to 15th March.

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