8,000 colorfully French macarons, each of them carefully hand-crafted over the past several weeks, have been used to assemble a life-size macaron Christmas tree at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte.

The eight-foot tree was completed following an 58-hour assembly marathon conducted by the hotel’s pastry team, which is also in charge of creating hundreds of special holiday sweets for the hotel’s Bar Cocoa dessert boutique. The ingredients in making the macaron tree include:

10,008 egg whites
57 cups of powdered sugar
57 cups of sugar
57 cups of almond flour
15 cups of water

The Macaron Holiday Tree at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte will be on display in the hotel lobby through December 29 and will be complemented by the display of an all-sugar, candy cane-red showpiece sleigh, pulled by a team of all-chocolate reindeer.


Macaron Holiday Tree-RC Charlotte- 2