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Rings for Men from Jewelry by Johan

Rings for Men from Jewelry by Johan

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One doesn’t naturally associate jewelry with rugged, outdoorsy men, but that seems to be who Jewelry by Johan is catering to. The Minnesota-based company specializes in creating unique jewelry using unusual yet beautiful materials. Johan particularly focuses on providing quality service to couples who are seeking meaningful and personalized wedding bands.

The company’s choice in material is what really makes them stand out from their peers.  One of these materials is mokume gane, a metal that has a gorgeous, wood-like appearance. Mokume gane was first used in 17th-century Japan for crafting swords; processing mokume gane is tricky and requires finesse, but modern metal smiths have refined and updated the method so that now beautiful rings like these can be made commercially available.

Johan also offers a number of organic materials, including antler, wood, and dinosaur bone. These earthy elements are sure to appeal to outdoorsy types who also appreciate a certain refinement when it comes to their personal style. If the outdoorsy man in your life is also something of a stargazer, then Johan’s meteor rings  might interest him as well. Of course, not everyone wants their wedding rings to be made of animal bits and space rocks. For the more traditional types out there, there are also rings available in gold, silver, and platinum. But no matter the material, Johan’s designers make sure to craft each ring into a small work of art.