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Rent Sir Richard Branson’s submarine Necker Nymph

Rent Sir Richard Branson’s submarine Necker Nymph

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Now you too can live the life of Sir Richard Branson. For only $2,500 per day, rent Branson’s 3-person aero submarine Necker Nymph — the craft was tailor-made to Necker Belle’s exact specifications and can travel at up to 6 knots under water with three people onboard. Dives typically last from one to two hours — and passengers wear normal scuba breathing gear and can explore the ocean without having to get around by flipper power. The Necker Nymph submarine is available when chartering Branson’s luxury catamaran Necker Belle for 7 nights during the Caribbean winter sailing season. In the summer months, Necker Nymph is located on Necker Island and can be booked in conjunction with a stay on the island.

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