RecyclePix By Greenopolis, a free new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android, encourages users to take pictures of themselves recycling waste; they can then post it directly on their Facebook or Twitter accounts and earn points with Greenopolis. These points are then converted by the site into rewards such as coupons for dining, events and attractions at venues throughout the US.

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Official product details: RecyclePix is a free photo-sharing app for iOS that rewards you for recycling while tracking your sustainable actions. Just snap and share photos of you or your friends’ recycling actions anywhere, anytime to instantly earn Greenopolis Rewards Points. Combine these with points earned from on-the-street Greenopolis Recycling Kiosks, PepsiCo Dream Machines, and the Social Recycling game Oceanopolis on Facebook. It’s another fun way to collect points and snag great rewards (especially when you recycle with your friends).

Greenopolis Rewards Points can be redeemed for real rewards such as discounts, coupons for entertainment, dining, travel, and more at retailers nationwide. Be a part of the Greenopolis Social Recycling movement and get rewarded while recycling on-the-go!

Features include:
* Share photos of your recycling actions and good deeds with friends and the broader Greenopolis community
* Earn points and win real rewards: Greenopolis Rewards Points can be redeemed for discount movie tickets through Fandango, exclusive travel benefits, and major discounts and cash rebates for purchases at retailers nationwide
* Universal Greenopolis Rewards Points: Combine points earned from the RecyclePix photo sharing app with those earned from location-based recycling actions at Greenopolis Recycling Kiosks, PepsiCo Dream Machines, Greenopolis work and home applications, and Oceanopolis, our Social Recycling game on Facebook.
* Browse, share and “Like” your friends’ photos .
* Share your sustainable actions with friends across Facebook and Twitter for extra points.

Sign up and join the free Greenopolis Social Recycling community at and start recycling your way to great rewards!