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Raleigh Spitfire Hardcases by Timothy Oulton

Raleigh Spitfire Hardcases by Timothy Oulton

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Go hardcore vintage with these amazing Raleigh Spitfire Hardcases by Timothy Oulton. These classic hard cases are constructed in the finish of iconic spitfire fighter plane. The cases are available in four sizes, and can be used as luggage or a briefcase.

spitifre1The spitfire finish takes its cue from the historic English spitfire airplane in World War II, echoing the plane’s multi-riveted construction of interlocking aluminium panels, and is finished through a five-stage process that creates an impression of worn, distressed metal.

If that doesn’t ooze enough history for you, the Raleigh’s name pays tribute to the eponymous British explorer, soldier, historian and poet Sir Walter Raleigh.

All of the cases are lined with a fighter jet blueprint suedette.