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Q&A with Casey Vogt of Vogt Western Silver

Q&A with Casey Vogt of Vogt Western Silver

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The Vogt Family

Vogt Western Silver is a unique company. They are a California-based, family-owned business making high end solid sterling and hand-tooled leather accessories inspired by the American West. Casey Vogt was kind enough to do a Q&A about his family business.

Q. Tell us about Vogt Western Silver. Tell us about your history, how many people work for you, and what you offer.
A. Vogt Western Silver is a small family owned and operated business that has been designing and building hand-engraved solid sterling and hand-tooled leather accessories for the western market for over 40 years. The family (and company) lives and works in Northern California and draws upon its ranch-raised roots to create authentic, genuine western designs and pieces. In the late 60’s family patriarch Norm Vogt found a community of sterling and leather artisans in Old Mexico and started a partnership that has endured ever since. Today his son, Chet (my father), and grandson, Casey Vogt (me) own and operate Vogt Western Silver. My son, Nicolas, is currently focusing his energies on Little League baseball.

A little history on our shop since they are the true artisans who build our pieces. For over 400 years, starting with the Spanish conquistadores and Mexican vaqueros, Old Mexico has been the original source for North American western silver and leather work. If you trace back the origins of where today’s U.S. born craftsmen learned their trade, it invariably leads back to central Mexico. Our artisans are also a multi-generational enterprise where the father teaches the son, who later then teaches his son. Our leather and silversmiths still use the time honored, old world methods passed down by those early teachers. (Here is a link to a flash video that takes you inside Vogt’s shop.)

Q. What makes Vogt pieces special when compared to others in your category?
A. Again, we’ve been in business for a long time, and have been because we aspire to combine unique design, quality craftsmanship, and tremendous value. We also offer what we believe is an exclusive industry service – our family’s Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.  If for any reason your Vogt sterling piece ever breaks, bends, or cracks we will repair or replace it free of charge.  No questions asked. Q. What are the most popular pieces in your collection? A. We are many things to many people and our designs reflect a diverse customer. From cowboys in West Texas to skiers in Aspen, each have their favorite designs so it’s hard to say which are the most popular.

Q. Who buys a Vogt product?
A. Again a wide range of folks, but the common thread is a person interested in buying a lifetime piece, what we call “heirloom quality” – something you’d be proud to pass on to your children and grandchildren. All of our customers are also buying something “western”, but again what may be western to businessman in New York may be very mainstream to that cowboy in West Texas.

Q. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever seen wearing one of your pieces?
A. That’s a tough one. How about from Bob Dylan to Nolan Ryan and many in between.

Q. What is next for Vogt? Do you have plans to add any new products or expand on your collection?
A. Our collection is constantly evolving. Although these are timeless, traditional western pieces the line today looks very different from what it did even five years ago. There are some basics that never leave, but we will turn about 20% of our line every year.

Q. What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your pieces?
A. Solemn pride.

Q. How does being a family-owned and operated business affect the products that you make?
A. It’s nice not having a board of directors to answer to and possessing the freedom to take design chances without fear of losing your job if you swing and miss. Believe me we’ve designed and built some real “interesting” samples that never made it to the public’s attention.

Thanks to Casey Vogt for participating in our Q&A.

Visit Vogt Silversmiths online at www.vogtsilversmiths.com.

Here’s a sampling of some of Vogt’s offerings.

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