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Pursuitist Q&A: Everything You Wanted to Know About Watches from Tourneau’s Katie Wudel

Pursuitist Q&A: Everything You Wanted to Know About Watches from Tourneau’s Katie Wudel

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In this exclusive Pursuitist Q&A, we speak with Katie Wudel, Tourneau Style Expert and Managing Editor of Our Minutes, Tourneau’s digital destination for the watch-obsessed. 

What are some of the bigger trends in fashion watches today? 

We’ve seen a few new watch trends this year, including a resurgence in women’s styles, classic and timeless pieces, and interesting color variations.

For women, watches are showcasing flexibility and colorful strap options, impeccable detail, and impressive mechanics, speaking to a new level of sophistication in the female watch buyer. While bright colors are popular with women, slate and smoky grays are prominent for men. Additionally, many brands are harkening back to their heritage with classic styles such as smaller, rounded faces, leather bands and simply designed dials with streamlined features.

I’m buying a watch for my husband / son / boyfriend / fiancé to wear every day to work. What is a great, classic style to consider for everyday wear? 

The timeless look is very popular this season, which means there are a variety of watch brands to choose from. For everyday wear, consider a timepiece with a simply designed face and leather band, such as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin or a Tissot Carson Automatic (shown below) .

When evaluating upper end watches, what are some quality indicators to watch out for?

Luxury timepieces often feature mechanical movements as well as complications like chronographs, perpetual calendars, or moon phases.  In addition to the detailed level of craftsmanship, the materials used in the design will also influence the value. Watches with precious stones and precious metals such as diamonds or rose gold, always command top dollar.

What differentiates Tourneau from the pack? 

Tourneau offers more than 8,000 styles representing nearly 100 brands of luxury timepieces at a variety of price points to suit anyone from the first-time watch buyer to the enthusiast and collector. Beyond unparalleled brand and style expertise, Tourneau offers a complimentary 5-year warranty with every timepiece sold, and has the largest authorized service center in the country. In addition, each of the 30 locations nationwide includes an on-site service center.

What’s dressier, a metal or leather strap watch? 

Traditionally, dress watches are very simple, featuring leather bands and uncluttered dials. However, you’ll look the best in whatever makes you feel the best. If you find yourself feeling confident and well-dressed in a sportier chronograph on a stainless steel bracelet, there’s your dress watch.

How should I care for and clean my watch? Should I get it “inspected” or evaluated on a regular basis? 

It’s very important to keep up with routine maintenance for your watch.  Simple cleaning such as wiping your watch to remove dust, dirt and moisture will help preserve the piece. Watches with leather straps are more prone to moisture, light, or oily products, so it’s integral to dry a wet strap immediately after exposure to prevent deterioration. In addition to regular upkeep, a complete movement overhaul is recommended every three to five years to keep a watch in pristine condition. Quartz watches will generally need their batteries replaced every two years, which is a good time to have the watch serviced. Tourneau’s Service Center offers complementary battery changes for all watches purchased at Tourneau.

I’ve always heard that one should wear the watch on the opposite hand from which they write. For example, a lefty should wear their watch on the right wrist. Is this correct? 

Wearing a watch is a personal style choice regardless of which wrist you wear it on. Traditionally, watches have been worn on the opposite hand from which you write, but similar to your other accessories, the important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in how you are presenting yourself.

Additionally, many brands like Panerai or Nixon offer watches for left-handers, which place the crown on the opposite side of the dial, so you can wear it comfortably on the right hand. Be sure to try on a variety of options so you can see what feels comfortable.

What advice would you have for someone looking to get into watch collecting? 

Start collecting what you love. Don’t think of your watch as an investment piece—find something that appeals to you on an aesthetic level, or a brand with a story that inspires you. Develop an understanding of which aspects of a watch are most compelling to you and focus on those first. Are you intrigued by vintage watches, which may occasionally be imperfect but often offer compelling histories? Is there a type of complication that inspires you? Are you looking for a watch that will project an image of confidence in the boardroom, or one that you’ll wear on the weekends? As you learn more about watches, your interests will expand and you’ll naturally diversify your collection.

Can a woman wear a man’s watch?

Absolutely. Masculine-inspired styles and men’s watches are very popular among Tourneau’s female customers. The “boyfriend” trend allows women to show off bold looks such as larger faces and two-tone straps while also adding female touches such as tortoise or jeweled accents. Watches from brands like Nomos Glashütte or Movado Bold (also shown below), a watch I own myself, is a great example of this trend. Other luxury powerhouse brands, such as Rolex, don’t categorize their watches by gender. You’ll see a lot of women wearing the Daytona Chronograph (though they might be drawn to a smaller case diameter). A colleague of mine has a saying I’m fond of: “There are no men’s or women’s watches; only watches men won’t wear.”

Find a watch you won’t be able to help but sneak a peek at several times over the course of a day—that’s the watch for your wrist.


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