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Pursuitist Opening Day Baseball Checklist

Pursuitist Opening Day Baseball Checklist

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Baseball season is upon us. Perhaps you can’t get to the ball park, but you can still get ready to cheer on your favorite team. The Pursuitist has assembled this checklist of must-haves for baseball fans.

crackerjackCracker Jack
No snack is more synonymous with baseball than Crack Jack. Get a box. Or five. Break them open and enjoy.

Personalized Baseball Bat
Search online and you’ll find various companies that personalize baseball bats. Or go to a game. Most parks will personalize a bat right there (although expect to pay more).

Enjoy almost every baseball game via MLB.TV using your computer, tablet or television. The only downside to MLB.TV is that you can’t watch games in your own market (since the local TV stations are paying millions for that privilege). But if you are a baseball junkie, or your favorite team isn’t in your area, MLB.TV is perfect for you.

Some will say hotdogs are the meat of the ball park, but midwest baseball fans know nothing is better than a beer-soaked Bratwurst.

Jersey of your favorite team
You can’t celebrate opening day without a jersey of your favorite team. has a wide variety of options for both men and women.

Play ball!