The collaboration between Duncan Cabrol and Hadrien Houbert of L’atelier 75 and Pierre Lapeyronnie gave us the Et Si Chair prototype, a modern and intriguing piece of furniture that would suit a wide range of interior design styles. Pierre Lapeyronnie’s Et Si Chair was designed to display its soft curves and natural palette choice in a space where it would get all the attention.Made from a thin, 4mm sheet of birch plywood, the Et Si Chair displays an unusual seating area.

This is one of those sturdy and elegant pieces of furniture that would be welcomed in any home. Having flexibility as one of the main characteristics, the chosen material gives the chair an interesting visual effect – the seat seems very fragile, but the design and manufacturing method ensured it was a comfortable, reliable seating unit. The young Parisian designer created the chair as part of his search for better modern furniture. Resting on four solid beech legs, the chair offers an anchored comfort while provoking the imagination.