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Private Museum By Buben & Zorweg Secures And Displays Priceless Artifacts

Private Museum By Buben & Zorweg Secures And Displays Priceless Artifacts

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Buben & Zorweg designs unique masterpieces of craftsmanship, celebrating two decades in the global luxury business. The luxury safe and storage manufacturer has unveiled the Private Museum which has been exclusively designed to house and display one or more priceless artifacts.BUBEN_ZORWEG_Interior_Private_Museum_hallA must have for passionate art lovers to savour and safeguard their most treasured possessions, Private Museum assures serious collectors the ultimate joy from their most treasured possessions. Be it a single Old Masters painting or a lovingly curated collection of watches, family heirloom jewels, historic cameras, fine art photography, objets d’art or bars of gold, the Private museum celebrates and protects it all in a dedicated space in the intimacy of the home.BUBEN_ZORWEG_high_security_presentation_Private_Museum_standalone_5Ideal to be exhibited in any noteworthy museum of the world, the exquisite distinctive collectibles deserve a masterpiece like Private Museum to be showcased without compromising on its security. Fitted with highly innovative technology, the safe is fireproof, bulletproof and invisible too at times thanks to two-way mirrors.BUBEN_ZORWEG_Interior_Private_Museum_02Featuring a unique system, the first of its kind in the world, the Private Museum is constructed from modular sections of stainless steel and high security glass with complex lighting specifically designed for displaying collectibles, enabling clients to commission a museum tailored to their unique setting and requirements.

BUBEN_ZORWEG_high_security_presentation_Private_Museum_detail_fingerprint_01Ultimate security provided with reinforced glass panes protect the valuables on display which also disappear from view powered by silent motors. An invisible laser grid safeguards the contents and immediately raises the alarm to warn of an unauthorized access attempt. The VdS-certified locking system with biometric fingerprint identification rounds of this unique, luxurious ambiance for precious collections.

BUBEN_ZORWEG_high_security_presentation_Private_Museum_01Those wishing to add more function to this over-the-top display-safe can opt to fit it with a newly developed hi-fi system with a rated output of 2,500 watts.

BUBEN_ZORWEG_luxury_safe_Private_Museum_open_wallBuben & Zorweg Private Museum starts at $92,700 (€ 87,500) and will be available from autumn 2015.

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