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Pricey AND Priceless: Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K at $2.7 million, is already sold out

Pricey AND Priceless: Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K at $2.7 million, is already sold out

Early last week, Ferrari released all of the details on its new LaFerrari FXX K except for the price: which defined for us the old saying about if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

In this case, it is probably true as the new Ferrari retails for $2.7M.

We mean, retailed. As it was reported just yesterday, that all of these cars –- 32 in all are already sold out.

This may happen more that we think, especially when it comes to Ferrari, a brand that embodies the highest definitions of luxury. But there is one added twist to this car: it can’t be registered for road use, and isn’t eligible to compete in any established racing series.

So what do you do with it?

Well, like a great piece of engineering art that it is, you can just look at it. It does come with a lot of perks: it has a 1,035-horsepower version of the “standard” LaFerrari’s hybrid power train built around a 6.3-liter V12 engine and “HY-KERS” energy recovery system, and a sophisticated aerodynamics package.

But there is something else you can do also.


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It is managed by Ferrari’s Corse Cliente program, which will maintain cars for owners and ship them to racetracks for drives on request. As with its predecessor, the Enzo-based FXX, the LaFerrari FXX K was likely offered only to the most loyal and certainly the most wealthy of Ferrari customers. But it’s possible that eventually, they will sell them.. Is there a scent of passion investing in the air? Maybe so. Buying a Ferrari as a great investment is not unheard of.

Although this is the most expensive NEW Ferrari ever built, A Ferrari dealer in Florida offered an FXX Evoluzione for sale earlier this year with a price tag of roughly $2.2 million, while a Swedish dealer sold one owned by legendary Formula One driver Michael Schumacher for $2.6 million last year, according to Digital Trends. But other Ferraris have sold for much more at Auction. According to Sotheby’s, a Ferrari 250LM sold for $14M, and others have sold for much more, $52M the highest as of this writing.

This makes the La Ferrari – at a mere $2.7M look like a great garage sale deal. Others probably have thought the same thing – and they feel even better about buying it because it is a hybrid. And a great investment. And quite dazzling. And a work of art – both pricey and priceless at the same time.

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