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Preorder A 24-Carat Gold iPhone 6

Preorder A 24-Carat Gold iPhone 6

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Even though Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn’t unveiled the new iPhone 6, accessory company Brikk is already taking pre-orders for its luxurious take on Apple’s next big thing.

Aptly named The Lux iPhone 6, Brikk’s new collection includes 14 models that are extravagant versions of the upcoming phone, featuring a unique range of exquisite fabrications.

The iPhone 6 will be disassembled by the Brikk team in a state-of-the-art laboratory located Los Angeles before the “Lux” process begins, with buyers offered the option of coating the device in 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold or pure platinum. The bling-obsessed can also add a carat of white diamonds to embellish the Apple logo on the phone back.

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Prices range from $4,495 for the plated models, to $8,395 for the plated diamond logo models; all models are packaged in a custom metal box with a user manual and all accessories standard to the device. Each Lux iPhone 6 by Brikk comes with a diamond-embedded certificate of authenticity and an exclusive 1-year warranty.

Brikk is taking pre-orders for the first batch of phones before the expected official launch of the iPhone 6 by the Apple Corporation in September. A $500 deposit is required for the pre-order program. The Lux phones are expected to ship out 3-4 weeks after the official release of the iPhone.

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