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Postcard from Paris V.6 – Boat Ride on the Seine

Postcard from Paris V.6 – Boat Ride on the Seine

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I have always wanted to take a boat ride along the Seine River. So when I had my fam over I suggested we go for a dinner cruise. They gladly agreed. I truly believe everyone should take that ride if they ever make it to Paris. This is what I love about this place. The locals really enjoy all the great things this city has to offer. It’s Saturday night, why not take a mini cruise and have a romantic evening? And let me tell you, there were folks on the boat that were having a reeeallly romantic evening (see pictures of make out sessions left and right). Ok, so I might have envied them just a tad bit. Instead of a man, I had my mom’s scarf to keep me warm. Uhm, and wine. The dinner was amazing followed by dessert and a walk on the deck. With this one trip you get to see so much of the city, you save time trying to cover everything on foot. The views were worth the price and it was an amazing way to for me to get familiar with river that so beautifully flows through my fabulous Paris…

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