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Postcard from Paris V.2 – Windows of Louis Vuitton

Postcard from Paris V.2 – Windows of Louis Vuitton

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Windows of Louis Vuitton

It has now been raining for two weeks here in Paris. I am not one to complain, of course, since after all I am still in the amazing city that has stolen my heart. I have chosen not to dwell on a little bit of moisture and ventured out to Champs-Élysées to do some window shopping. With my umbrella in hand I run to the metro and get my camera ready. Out of all the amazing shops along this iconic street, one that stands out the most is the beautiful Louis Vuitton building. Designed by Eric Carlson, an American architect, this store is known to be the most successful LV store in the world and by all means the largest. So it is only natural that I head there first. Today, their windows are merchandised with a carnival theme. It’s nice to see classic Louis Vuitton bags are having a time of their lives on roller coasters…unlike myself, who is standing in the rain. Once I decide to head in I am handed a plastic bag (with the LV monogram, of course) to put my wet umbrella in. Fancy, I think to myself. Even though I am not allowed to take pictures inside, I decide to live on the edge and try to snap some anyway. It is truly once of the most beautiful stores I have been to, but my feet are wet and there is still a mile left of Champs-Élysées to explore. At least I leave with a LV what if it’s a plastic umbrella protector.

Photos courtesy of Vilte S. Holstad.

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