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Playboy Mansion Goes Up For $200 Million

Playboy Mansion Goes Up For $200 Million

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Play time at Playboy Mansion, home to Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner finally comes to an end. One of the most famous party house in the world is all set to be listed for $200 million. playboy-mansion-2According to TMZ, the mansion became famous during the 1970s due to Hefner’s lavish parties. Nestled in Holmby Hills,Los Angeles, California, nearby Beverly Hills, it is owned by Playboy Enterprises and has been in use for various corporate activities. Apart from hosting various charitable events and civic functions, the 21,987-square-foot house has also served as a valuable location for television production, magazine photography and for online, advertising and sales events.playboy-mansion_1Sitting on 5.3 acres, the Playboy estate was built in 1927 and was acquired by Hugh Hefner in 1971 for $1.1 million. Now, the 89 year old Playboy is expecting almost 200 times of that price. The mansion which includes 22 rooms along with a wine cellar,  a screening room, a game room and much more also comes along with its priciest asset, Mr Hugh Hefner. The deal is such that the buyer has to allow Hefner to stay there until he dies. Also prospective buyers will be able to tour the property except for Hefner’s palatial bedroom which will be off-limits.Hugh-HefnerThough the real estate market speculates that the value of such properties in the vicinity is about $60 million, the Playboy Mansion is valued at $80-90 million due to its historic reputation. However the whimsical listing of $200 million has raised many questions!

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