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Pilot Interactive Education Project – Bangkok University Student Lounge

Pilot Interactive Education Project – Bangkok University Student Lounge

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The Bangkok University Student Lounge (BU Lounge) is one of the most exciting projects that hopes to combine knowledge with leisure and interactive social medias. In 2012, this pilot project will attempt to take a new direction in education and Supermachine Studio are happy to have this project in their portfolio. The lounge is located under the multi-story lecture rooms and auditoriums and displays a fascinating world for creative students. Thousand of OSB ribs transform the lower floor into the “Reading cave”, fit for individuals, small groups or even large groups.

The Big and versatile sofa just outside this ribbed set of spaces is a fun configurable set of comfy volumes for everyone to enjoy. This set of relaxation features are reserved for the lower level, while the upstairs was designed for a more dynamic user interaction. Two polka-dotted volumes hide the karaoke house and music rehearsal room, surrounded by extremely interesting games and features like a giant dart, a long pool table, a rounded ping-pong table, pole dance corner, girls’ make-up counter and Kungfu style stress release area. Now that is the luxury of studying in 2012!