The New York Times’ T Magazine takes a look inside of today’s most popular artists, showing how their personal art collections connections with their personality. Above, KAWS’ lonely “Companion” figure is informed by the absurd, folksy drawings of R. Crumb and the mystic, psychedelic illustrations of Tadanori Yokoo. “I’m like a cat lady, but with drawings and paintings,” says Brian Donnelly, the 39-year-old artist known as KAWS. While below, Jeff Koons’ large balloon-esque steel sculptures work may seem innately childish, yet are somehow based in more sexual work by Picasso and Magritte. “I think art is about transcendence and consciousness, making connections to things in the world,” Koons says. The full feature can be found over on T Magazine’s site.

Personal Art Collections of KAWS, Jeff Koons & More