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Persian Rug Sofas and Other Marvels by Mousarris

Persian Rug Sofas and Other Marvels by Mousarris

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Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris specializes in creating high-quality, sculptural pieces of furniture. After working for Duffylondon as an assistant designer, in 2014 he decided to break out and start his own company.


Mousarris produces deliciously surreal pieces of furniture that have an edge of magic realism. One of his most stunning pieces is the Wave City Coffee Table which, according to Mousarris’ website, was inspired by a movie — quite clearly by the iconic scene in Inception where the city streets fold back on themselves. Other notable tables from Mousarris include a great monolithic slab being carried by a number of bronze figures, and a whimsical table supported by launching rocket ships.


However, arguably the most eye-collection pieces in Mousarri’s ouvre are his carpet chairs and sofas. Each chair or sofa is custom-made and takes four months to produce. The result is an eerily beautiful carpet that seems to be floating in midair, but is sturdy enough to lounge upon. The concept is deceptively simple, and yet wonderfully executed. Each chair costs roughly $13,500 with the current exchange rate, while the larger sofa costs $33,800.

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