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Perfect For Travel: myType Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Perfect For Travel: myType Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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Meet the myType Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard – the perfect solution for a comfortable work environment. Completely wireless, fast and responsive, myType is a compact, colourful and a must-have work gadget/ accessory for the “working travellers”. As we all already know, it’s hard to give your best in term of performance when traveling. There are those who carry their laptops with them everywhere and there are those who stick with their tablets. For the tablet users, well, touchscreen is a wonderful thing nowadays, but there’s one small problem with it: it’s anything but fast.

Roysden Innovations LLC designed an ultra-slim, silicone keyboard, that can be easily folded. It fits your backpack, purse or briefcase. myType is splash resistant and it is compatible with Apple products such as: iPhone, iPad 2/3, iPAD Mini, iPod Touch. It also works with Android  tablets that feature HID support or Window 8 Tablets. When it comes to performance, myType was tested at 75 words per Minute.

Undoubtably, myType is one of the coolest keyboards to take with you on the go. Occupying little space, being extremely practical and offering the same type of experience as a regular keyword, myType successfully transforms your mobile device into a more powerful and efficient gadget. The whimsical accessory can be purchased for $50 and it comes in five different colours: white, pink, blue, green and black.

Blue-myType-Hand Blue-myTypePink-Keyboard Pink-Twisted-Keyboard