Ever imagined a sumptuous dining table made of carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium? Today we present an amazing piece of furniture with a bold name – the “Panther” Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Titanium Dining Table. The Panther Table comes packed in a custom built suitcase and it only takes 2 minutes to put together. Combining a lightweight structure with a sturdy design, the modern dining table was designed by young German designer Maximilian Eicke for his high end furniture design company Max ID NY.
Thanks to photographer Tanya Malott, we get to see the table from different angles and admire its edgy shape from different angles. Measuring 200 cm in length, 120 cm in width and 73 cm in height, the Panther Table fits perfectly in modern homes.

Recently launched in NYC, the Limited Edition Carbon Fiber table displays it functional and aesthetically pleasant design in a lightweight but sturdy form: “Named Panther because it evokes an animalistic characteristic, It was designed to test the possibilities of the designer and his german manufacturer as well as to push the envelope of what is considered a conventional table design regarding the orientation and design of its legs. The goal was also to design a table that not only was light due to its material choices, but in-fact looked light. The construction of the table uses a combination of unidirectional carbon fiber and 2×2 carbon fiber twill, kevlar honeycomb core and titanium pieces at all of the connection points of legs. The table is fully functional and comfortably seats 6 people. Can easily support the weight of a person standing on it.”