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Pandemic Pivots: A Luxury Desk Designed with HER in Mind

Pandemic Pivots: A Luxury Desk Designed with HER in Mind

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COVID-19 changed the nature of work in the world, greatly accelerating the trend towards remote work. While many small business owners and entrepreneurs worked “from anywhere” prior to the pandemic, the shift to homeworklife (yes, it’s all one word now) in March upended many as they sought to marry business with everything else — and to do so in a functional, yet stylish way.
Enter Dana Bakich, founder of herdesk, a responsibly made desk designed by and for women.
In the United States alone, furniture and furnishing stores have generated nearly 120 billion dollars in 2018. And, since COVID-19, big retailers like Overstock and Wayfair are up upwards of 100% in sales for home office furniture. Companies like Google, Basecamp, Chegg, Shopify and Facebook have provided employees with stipends to purchase home office furniture to help make their transition smoother and many have extended their work from home period through 2021.
But that’s also led to some unique challenges, ranging from the obvious (where do I put my new home office and how do I afford to do this) to the frustrating (multi-month back-orders).
The idea for herdesk came from personal experience — founder Bakich found herself in need of a new desk for her home office and, after long nights of searching, found what she thought was “the one” from a major retailer. Fast forward to the delivery day where she was left with a million pieces to put together, some of which were broken or damaged, she knew there had to be a better solution. As a conscious consumer, Dana wanted to find something made in the U.S. and preferably by a female entrepreneur and had no luck. After surveying 40+ women in business, Dana partnered with self-made female workshop owners and builders to begin the building process. herdesk sources all materials from the United States with plans to become 100 percent sustainable.

Did we mention Bakich did all of this in the midst of a global pandemic — all while maintaining her nonprofit company, moving across the company, and cancelling and replanning a wedding?

The desk, which is now available for sale, is functional for a small space, but also works in a more dedicated office environment. Four feet long and nearly two feet wide, made from Baltic Birch Plywood with brass and handstitched leather handles, the American-made desk comes in three colors and three choices of finishings, allowing for a number of stylish customizations. At $845 (and $50 off through 9/18), the desk is also a price point that won’t break the bank.

Sounds like the perfect addition to your quarantine space, don’t you think?

Want to learn more about Bakich, female entrepreneurs and COVID pivots? She’s also speaking at  Create & Cultivate’s Future of Work Conference on September 12th on creating a business during Covid.