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Painter James Ensor at MoMA

Painter James Ensor at MoMA

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WSJ with a great review of the latest exhibit at the MoMA:

There are certain artists whose life’s work inspires questions of what might have been. Raphael and van Gogh, both of whom died at age 37, immediately come to mind. Other artists, such as the Belgian painter James Ensor (1860-1949), who enjoyed a long, successful career making satirical and nightmarish imagery, provoke questions of a different kind. Ensor, in flashes, was talented and imaginative. He was a seer and a dreamer. Yet the survey of about 130 of Ensor’s paintings, drawings and prints at the Museum of Modern Art made me wonder just how much more convincing his art might have been had he pursued his craft and his visions more seriously—or had made up his mind about what kind of artist he wanted to be. – from WSJ

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