If you want to know Porsche apart from the tag of wonderful carmaker then this is the time when you get your eyes on P’3115 LaserFlex pen created by the company. The stainless steel pen will make you fall in love with Porsche Design more than you love the cars that it rolls out every now and then. The pen has all what it takes to deliver well with its elegant aesthetics and craftsmanship, maybe this is why the beautiful writing instrument has been priced exclusively at $634 for the customers by the design house.

An elegant pen means a lot more than a simple writing tool and just like you leave an expression with a car you can do the same with a high-end pen. Keeping all these factors in mind, the manufacturer has designed this pen which brims with the magnificent laser-cut carving. There are interlocking patterns engraved onto the stainless steel body with high quality precision. The unique design allows the pen to expand and contact as you deploy the ballpoint tip. It sure will be cherished by anyone who takes it into his or her possession.