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Overfinch Range Rover Sport Unveiled

Overfinch Range Rover Sport Unveiled

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The British company’s latest special Range Rover edition blends heaps of horsepower and carbon fibre with lashings of in-cabin luxury.

Overfinch has been tuning and refining Range Rovers for almost as long as Land Rover has been building them. Over the past 40 years it has become the go-to company for anyone that wants something just a little bit more special, whether it’s a truly bespoke Rolls-Royce-challenging interior or straight-line acceleration that would leave a GT car in its wake.

Its latest creation, the Overfinch Range Rover Sport, is a case in point. The exterior has been subtly restyled in carbon fiber to reduce weight, improve grip and to reduce drag. So the front splitter and rear air diffuser are bigger, and the rear spoiler has had a redesign too.

The car also sits on Overfinch alloy wheels in a choice of 21-, 22-, or 23-inch sizes, and gets the company’s own special exhaust system complete with Bluetooth. The idea is that if you’re out on the track or away from a built-up area, a simple press of the keyfob button will fully open up the valves on the tailpipes so the car becomes faster and louder. Hit the button again while driving through town and it will keep the noise down.

Overfinch Range Rover Sport Unveiled

In terms of customization, the only exterior elements that customers can personalize are the paint finish and the wheel size, however, inside it’s a completely different matter.

There is a huge choice of perfectly matched wood veneers, coloured carbon fibre inserts, leather hides and stitching patterns to choose from.

That’s why the British company says that the £87,995 (approx US $149,765) asking price for each of the 100 models it intends to build per year simply serves as a guide.

It expects every client to have his or her own design and feature preferences, and Overfinch will be more than happy to realize them. Also, as the tuning and bespoke features are added to a stock Range Rover Sport, customers can also choose the initial specifications from Range Rover before handing the car over to Overfinch to add the finishing touches.

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