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Outrageously Expensive: A $3,000 Platinum Toothbrush

Outrageously Expensive: A $3,000 Platinum Toothbrush

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Swedish manufacturer FOREO has unveiled a limited edition line of its new electric toothbrush model. The Issa Platinum and Issa 18-carat ($3,000 and $2,000, respectively) are so exclusive that only one of each model will be made. The brush promises a “hygienic, gentle clean” due to high-intensity pulsations channeled into silicone bristles. The nonporous silicone design is supposed to be both ultra-gentle and more hygienic. The brush head should last up to one year, and the ultra long battery life promises up to 365 uses without needing a charge.

Unless the thing promises to brush our teeth for us, we can’t imagine it being worth $3,000… but what do you think? Of course, the “regular” model is currently going on crowd funding site Indegogo for $199. Still seems expensive for a toothbrush. 

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