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Our Statement On The Alligator Attack At Disney’s Grand Floridian

Our Statement On The Alligator Attack At Disney’s Grand Floridian

In the above video, this is the exact same location where the alligator attack occurred at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, which is my family’s preferred resort at Walt Disney World for over 15 years. (Our video on the beach begins at the .20 second mark)

According to reports, the boy wasn’t swimming in the water, but “playing on the edge, about a foot or two into the water,” just like in our video. That’s my daughter.

“The toddler was playing at the edge of the shoreline of the lagoon when the alligator came up and snatched the boy,” eyewitnesses state.

Before this, the family was watching Disney movies on the beach — which is a nightly occurrence at the Grand Floridian, including s’mores and other activity at the beach. I don’t ever recall seeing “No Swimming” signs, but regardless, it sounds like the boy wasn’t swimming. We have never seen a “Beware of Gators” sign.

This is a terrible nightmare for these parents. They are certainly not to blame for this tragedy.

I am disturbed by the “watch your kid” flippant remarks I’ve seen on social media and other channels. You people are, frankly, idiots.

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Trying to find someone to blame, from the parents to the Walt Disney World Company, is sad. The team at Disney would never wish this onto anyone or any guest. Safety is their #1 mission at the Disney Parks. This is a freak of nature tragedy.

This was a two year old child playing at the edge of the shoreline, after watching Disney movies by the beach. They came to the Walt Disney World for a magical vacation.

Just like my daughter in the above video.

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