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One-of-a-kind wallpaper from Flat Vernacular

One-of-a-kind wallpaper from Flat Vernacular

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Imagine you’re renovating your house and are in search of the perfect wallpaper. You’ve every conceivable variation on stripes, polka-dots, brocade, flowers and then some… You’re looking for something distinctly different, something that shouts, “This is my room!” when you walk in. Payton Cosell Turner and fiancé Brian Kaspr know exactly what you want. The owners of Flat Vernacular in Brooklyn specialize in the production of hand-painted, hand-printed bespoke wallpapers, and they aren’t your grandma’s wallpaper, either. What might look like a pretty, interwoven oval design turns out to be made up entirely of peacocks. Or cars, or livestock or ice cream cones. The more unexpected, the better.

Turner says she was inspired by the wacky wallpaper that hung in her grandfather’s house, the late Howard Cosell. Looking for a toile that isn’t reminiscent of your great-aunt Mildred’s entrance hall? Try Flat Vernacular’s “Toile de Derby” design, a pretty toile made up of- you guessed it- wrecked derby cars. Cosell, a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Cosell and Kaspr’s designs might seem like the perfect solution for a playroom or child’s room, but just a touch of whimsy goes a long way in adding personality to your home.

If you’re still in the market for something more one-of-a-kind, Cosell also does “sticker wallpaper,” the designs for which she creates by hand-applying up to 5,000 stickers (depending on the size of the room and size of the stickers) to create jaw-dropping patterns for your walls.

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