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One-off Golden Rolls-Royce Ghost Sunbird revealed to the world

One-off Golden Rolls-Royce Ghost Sunbird revealed to the world

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Each car brand in the world of luxury automobiles has something to say as a message of their brand. Rolls-Royce for all we know, has an aura of ‘Your Highness’. This we say owing to the royalty of it’s cars, which are each a sight to behold and a treasure truly royal. The new Golden Rolls-Royce Ghost Sunbird edition, which turns out as a one-off edition, has been shown to the world via the Facebook page of the gourmet car maker. The inspiration as one would find, is from China where the 2001 artifact called ‘The Golden Sunbird’ was unearthed, and by the looks of it, it proved to be an inspiration for the craftsman at Rolls-Royce.

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 2

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 6

Opulence and sophistication have long been the common taste of Rolls-Royce makers, and the uber rich clientele who end up buying them. Looking at the body, one would notice the golden and porcelain white paint job on most parts of the car which carry on to it’s wheels. On a closer look at the coachwork of the Golden Sunbird Rolls, the bespoke artwork is seen along the chassis and other parts, which too have their inspiration rooted to the design platter of the Sunbird artifact from China; from the veneer to the embroidery on the inside. From a distance of course, this car stands out with it’s custom crafted gold painted panel, running from the front grille to the rear boot lid.

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 4

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 7

It is something of a rare instance, when the internal arena of the Rolls-Royce doesn’t have polished wood as a part of of it. Like most instances, the door lining and the central dashboard has been constructed from pattern matched wood panels. Almost perfectly matching golden-brown leather detailing on the the seats, and the intricate embroidery and seam stitching withstanding, there is a play of surface detailing; the matte texture of the leather to the gloss of the wooden panels.

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 3

It is easy to assume that the Sunbird Rolls-Royce Ghost is the demand of an artistic and wealthy car connoisseur, and could well be the case. And just like they do for most bespoken specimens such as this one, the tread-plates marking it’s exclusive origins can be while entering the car. Truly worthy of the bow, ‘Your Highness’.

Rolls Royce Ghost Golden Sunbird 5