Remember the flip-phones? Guess what?! Rumours say that Samsung is about to release a new Android-powered flip-phone, with a  Snapdragon S4 processor, elegant and with a less futuristic look, called Galaxy Folder. In a world that spins faster and faster, we crave for smartphones that can easily replace desktops, laptops or tablets. We’ve explored so far the benefits of the numeric keypad, the QWERTY keyboard, the power of touch-screen and we head toward the touch-free technology. In this world of limitless possibilities, where technology speaks loud, shaping the rhythm of our lives, Samsung’s intention is to release a phone that will make you dive back into the early days of 2000s. Honestly, this is one of the most surprising moves made by Samsung!

According to several news websites from South Korea, the clamshell phone will hit the market sometime next month. Galaxy Folder will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will feature a 480 x 800 display, LTE connectivity, an 8 MP camera and some new apps to work with the flip screen. So, what category of people would choose a Galaxy Folder over a 5″ handset? The nostalgics, the retro lovers, the hipsters? samsung-folderSamsung-Folder-PhoneUntitled-1