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Nvidia Shield reviews are in

Nvidia Shield reviews are in

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Reviews for Nvidia’s new Android-based Shield gaming system are in, and reviewers are liking it – a lot. But for all the geek love generated by the Shield, there is still a lot of skepticism due to the lack of games for the system.

Reviewers are lauding Shield for many reason. Performance, sounds, and graphics are all top notch. The game controller – so crucial for any system – is hailed by reviewers as easy to use and intuitive. Also, users will love the ability to stream your Steam PC games to Shield.

However, most agree that the new gaming system faces some challenges. The system, at $300, is fairly pricey. But most importantly is the current lack of available games made for Shield. No system will succeed without quality games to go along with it. Are developers willing to make games for Shield? That’s a good question – and one that no one really knows quite yet.


Should you buy SHIELD? Well, the technical specifications are top-of-the-line, the fit and finish is incredibly solid, and its primary selling point – the physical control pad – is basically perfect. From the perspective of a hardware junky, it’s a dream come true. The question is whether you’d use it as a gaming device, and use it often enough to justify a $300 purchase.Android Police

The Nvidia Shield is a fantastic first effort for Nvidia, a seriously impressive piece of hardware, and a chance for Android gaming to be taken seriously if enough gamers buy in. The Shield is riding a wave of interest in controller gaming, and I’m hoping the dearth of good Android controller games will be short-lived. Still, it’s chicken and egg: and most game developers won’t dedicate time and effort to building for physical controllers when the iPad and iPhone audience is the most lucrative.The Verge

But everything I’ve seen of the Shield and its games so far tells me this is a great device for geeks. If those geeks get the word, then Nvidia could have a hit on its hands. Venture Beat

By sheer measure of the hardware alone, the Nvidia Shield is a commendable first effort. It’s expertly crafted with high-end components and a comfortable, responsive control scheme — albeit with a bulky, uninspired design. The Shield’s biggest challenges, however, are content and cost. There are simply too few compelling gameplay experiences on Android to justify a $300 dedicated handheld, and while the PC streaming feature shows promise, it’s in dire need of performance and stability enhancements.IGN