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Functional and Versatile: Noon Studio Steel Stool Concept

Functional and Versatile: Noon Studio Steel Stool Concept

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Modern furniture addresses functional and aesthetic needs of customers while the concepts and inspiration behind it draw attention to the artistic struggle. The Noon Studio Steel Stool expresses the need for a modern stool design and that is why this concept is more likely to be admired by those who appreciate simplicity, functionality and versatility. Only two materials were used in constructing the prototype – metal and wood. By cleverly combining the two, the designer created a piece of furniture that can be used to create other furniture items.

A steel sheet supported by an Oak Y-frame compose the Steel Stool. Simplicity reigns in both form and function, allowing one to beautifully stack several stools into unique shelving storage systems where books and magazines can be stacked when there is no need for additional seating items. The stool’s dimensions –  350 x 350 x 350 mm – make it sturdy and robust, while the materials lend their specific character: a natural material supporting a man-made one.

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