Beam me up, Scotty.

Due to an innovative design concept, the Nirvana bathtub uses 60 per cent less water than bathtubs of a similar size. The result is a smooth and ergonomically shaped bath. As if it was made out of a single piece, the transition of the inside and outside of this bathtub is seamless. This is possible by processing a high-grade acrylic sheet (i-Crylic) whose translucent attribute highlights a pleasant light concept. 360 LED light spots furnish a new kind of chromotherapy; the user feels like drifting through the galaxy. The control system was inconspicuously integrated underneath the bathtub so that no technical feature interrupts its organic appearance. When the user slides his hand over the respective symbol, the hand shower moves upwards. In the tub, the colour light can be switched on or off. The Nirvana bathtub features an electronic tap and an automatic water fill/stop function. The temperature is indicated on the rim of the bathtub. – From Red Dot