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New York City Leads As The World’s Fashion Capital

New York City Leads As The World’s Fashion Capital

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New Yorkers are on seventh heaven as New York City has been crowned as the fashion capital of the world! The Big Apple has been having a major influence on international fashion trends and is a key centre for the fashion industry, events and trade fairs. According to The Global Language Monitor, New York has officially been awarded the Top Global Fashion Capital. Just in time for fashion week, the city couldn’t have done better with any other kind of boost!

New-York-Spring-2013-Street-Style-EditorsParis stands at the second slot (losing the title by 0.5 percent) with the honor of the Top Global Fashion Capital for Haute Couture. London has been pushed down to the third place of the list after serving as the fashion capital in 2011 and 2012. In simple words, New York is the most fashionable. Strangely Milan failed to find its place in the top ten list, settling at number 12. Los Angeles is the only other American fashion capital city to be featured in the list on the fourth slot. The rest of the top super-stylish cities are Barcelona, Berlin, Antwerp, Sydney, Rome, and Shanghai.

new_york_fashion_capital_1Bekka Payack, the New York-based Fashion Director for The Global Language Monitor explains, “New York City has, indeed, earned its Top Global Fashion Capital ranking through its disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to its fashion industry. This year’s rankings also demonstrate the creative energy that is emerging worldwide in terms of fashion as a jobs, income and wealth generator, not to mention the prestige associated with exporting your fashion sense to the world.”

Diane von Furstenberg’s praise about the city also justifies the win, “There’s a buzz, a creative energy in New York City that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s an extraordinarily stimulating place for fashion—I think that’s why so many people choose to be here.”

new_york_fashion_capital_3What makes New York City the world’s fashion capital? New York is at the forefront of fashion innovation and it is here that fashion ideas take root and trends are defined. According to NYCEDC, New York City is where everything in fashion is happening–and happening first. It is also reported that New York City has more than of 5,000 fashion industry showrooms, more than any other city in the world. The city is at the center of fashion, offering unmatchable assets such as a large pool of creative talent, retail space in highly-trafficked locations, and more headquarters of fashion designers and fashion retailers than any other city in the country.

new_york_fashion_capital_2The Global Language Monitor study is a year-long study that tracks fashion-related words and phrases on the internet and blogosphere, 250,000 news outlets, and social media.