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New Apple TV Update Notes

New Apple TV Update Notes

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Word is leaking out about Apple’s planned update for their Apple TV device. Here’s the breakdown:

– A new name: iTV

– No 1080p support, as originally thought. 720p HDTV is the standard.

– The device will be a scaled down Mac running Front Row software to an iOS device that works like a screen-less iPod touch.

– Apps: by making Apple TV into an iOS device, the company can tap into the app craze – pushing all sorts of potential content to the iTV. App developers could quickly port and optimize existing games to work on HDTV sets and thus provide a cheap and quick way to compete with consoles.

– No price, but word earlier was $99. The reasonable price would appeal to mass users, allowing them to the buy HGTV content at a reasonable price – and without syncing to their computer.

– Timing: word is before Christmas, allowing for Apple to make this a great gift for the tech fans.

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