Despite its futuristic aura, most of us are by now unimpressed by the misleadingly-named hoverboard. We’ve all seen numerous videos of people trying out hoverboards, some managing to balance more effectively than others on the tricky devices. Most designs are clunky and inelegant, an ugly cross between a Segway and a skateboard. But that might be about to change with Korean company Nepdesign’s Axi2 hoverboard.

Despite still being in the conceptual stage, the Axi2 is being hailed as the “Audi” of hoverboards with a sleek design worthy of a luxury car. The two-wheeled device is simplistic, elegant, the sort of thing that, if it works as well as it looks, should function as an extension of the human operator. Now this is more like the hoverboards we imagined zipping around on as kids.