It is difficult to imagine an architecture task as challenging as building a construction neighboring Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Hotel Ayre is the result of a design collaboration between Wortmann Architects, Guillermo Bañares Arquitectos and Carlos Narváez and is partially inspired by the towers of the city’s major landmark.

Neighboring Sagrada Familia: Hotel Ayre in Barcelona

The architects explain: ” We found the answer in Gaudí´s devotion to nature as the most inspiring force to his architectural practice. Aren´t his columns bending like trees? Following the guide-line traced by our overpowering neighbor, we definitely accepted to integrate in our design the Fibonacci-series, which mathematically define the proportions in nature. The lively composition shows an astonishing likeliness to the interior of the cathedral-towers.

With unexpected visual experiences and original lighting schemes, the modern hotel provides an interesting traveling experience. Sagrada Familia can be admired either from the imposing rooftop terrace or from the hotel mall, offering strinking front-side views.