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Motorola Aura Diamond Edition

Motorola Aura Diamond Edition

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Great looking Motorola Aura Diamond Edition phone.

Ordinary Joes already cannot afford to bring home the Motorola Aura due to its exorbitant price tag, but for folks who find that they can still afford to live it up even in the prevailing economic climate might want to check out the Motorola Aura Diamond Edition that is plated with 18 carat gold alongside 34 diamonts, where 30 of them puppies will be embedded right above and below the handset’s circular display. Apart from all the bling, everything else remains the same including quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, CrystalTalk technology, stereo Bluetooth, music and video playback support, a 2-megapixel camera and 2GB of internal memory. Expect the Motorola Aura Diamond Edition to hit the market from October 26th onwards with a price that will probably start from £3,500 upwards. – From UberGizmo