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Montblanc Jonathan Swift edition writing instrument pays tribute to the literary master

Montblanc Jonathan Swift edition writing instrument pays tribute to the literary master

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Literature enthusiasts have always loved reading the epic work named ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (published in 1726), which is an exquisite creation and a classic of Jonathan Swift in world literature section. Regarded as master of satire, Jonathan Swift was a British-Irish writer. With his satirical writing expertise, he boldly depicted the kind of behavior that British people did with the Irish counterparts. Montblanc Writers Edition 2012 is dedicated to this literary master.

If you observe keenly, then you will notice that this wonderful design has been inspired by the ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ only and brings the world that was imagined and created by Swift to life. The Montblanc Jonathan Swift Edition comprises of the luxuriously and exquisitely designed writing instruments and limited edition cufflinks. It also has the charming looking ink that is seaweed green in color. The barrel of the pen has been manufactured from black lacquer. For the decoration purposes, multi-layered inlays reminiscent that depict ropes have been integrated to the design that binds the famous character of Gulliver on the beach of Lilliput Island. The cap has been crafted with the help of valuable black resin and also features signature of Jonathan Swift on it. Well, the entire bonanza doesn’t end here. To fascinate and appeal rich taste, the clip and rest of the fittings are all platinum-plated. Coming to the nib of this wonderful and luxury-laden writing instrument, its toughness and brilliance can be speculated just from the fact that it is Rhodium-plated 18K gold nib. The detailed engravings on the nib depict Lilliput army marching towards Gulliver’s legs.

This limited edition writing instrument is surely not-to-miss collection for all the pen collectors and lovers of imagination and literature.

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