Focusing on innovative design, creative minds play with shapes, textures and interpretations to give us a multi-dimentional world to explore. The Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer examines our natural attraction towards objects that surround us. We are usually attracted to them so that we tend to touch and feel in order to understand the texture and shape, even if we have already analyzed the object with our eyes.

“Haptic” means “nonverbal communication involving touch” and stands as the basic concept for the design of this particular chair. After analyzing, experimenting and interpreting the nature of tactile surfaces in nature, the designer focuses on the relationship of haptic and optic influences on our senses. Made out of oak with upholstery in foam, the chair displays fine craftsmanship and stimulates our understanding of the object and concept behind it.

The designer considers that “good design can do so much more than add beauty to a home – it can inspire, awake feelings and challenge your mind“, so this chair comes to prove that a careful study of tactile surfaces can improve our interaction with the surrounding textures. Innovation and creativity have joined hands under the attentive supervision of Trine Kjaer design studio only to result in the creation of an intriguing contemporary chair design.

Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer  (2) Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer  (3)

Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer  (4) Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer  (5)

Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer  (6)