Good ideas don’t come easy. If the “magicians” from Apple didn’t manage to come up with a minimalistic, timeless and lightweight dock stand for our iPhones, somebody else did. It’s just a matter of timing these days! If you keep a track of what’s happening on Kickstarter, you’ll notice that many people enthusiastically support this fresh project called SETA, a smartphone stand that seems to be one of the coolest docking solutions ever presented. Everybody’s talking about it!

What makes it so cool?

It’s unique, universal and timeless design, of course. SETA “securely suspends your device and holds your charging cable.” It is a piece of aluminium worked into a curved “L” shape, with a “T-Channel” cutout, compatible with all OEM smartphone charging cables. It’s simple, yet beautiful and easy to use. Thanks to the NanoSuction™ technology, your phone will simply cling to the pad. What’s really interesting is that it can even support two phones at once. Try to avoid silicone rubber cases though, because you might encounter some problems with the clinging. At a closer look, SETA offers endless possibilities. You will start to use your smartphone or even your tablet in ways you never did before: suspended in the bathroom while you brush your teeth, suspended in your car – basically you can use it however you want, all you need to do is to find the creative ways that work best for you.

For those who still have doubts about the manufacturer, SETA Smartphone stand was brought to our attention by 1.0 Innovations. Enjoy!