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Migraines With Aura May Lead to Brain Lesions in Women

Migraines With Aura May Lead to Brain Lesions in Women

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The findings indicate that early treatment of migraines may help later in life.

Women who’ve had migraines with auras have an increased risk of developing brain lesions, a new study has found. Whether these small areas of damaged brain tissue affect function or cognition, however, remains unknown, the researchers added. “Migraine used to be thought of as episodic, with no trace they’d occurred, but these data suggest that there may be tissue damage associated with migraine,” said study author Lenore Launer, chief of neuroepidemiology at the U.S. National Institute on Aging. “But, there are no known clinical implications from these findings,” Launer added. “Our next step is to look at the functional significance of these lesions. They seem to be clinically silent for the most part, though it’s possible they may be associated with some cognitive or motor impairment. It’s something that needs to be investigated further.” – From US News & World Report