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Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Jealous of Apple’s iPad

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Jealous of Apple’s iPad

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“They’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to sell, let me just be clear about that,” Steve Ballmer said after raising the topic of Apple’s iPad during a speech this afternoon at the company’s Financial Analyst Meeting in Redmond. “We have got to make things happen. Just like we had to make things happen on netbooks, we’ve got to make things happen with Windows 7 on slates, and we’re in the process of doing that as we speak.” – from Techflash

Of course, Ballmer stated the following a few months ago, at All things D: “I don’t think the whole world is going to be able to afford five devices per person.” In 2007, Ballmer called the iPhone “by far the most expensive phone in the marketplace.”

At the Pursuitist, we prefer to stay positive, but we feel it is time for the out of touch Ballmer to leave Microsoft. Of course, by being the face and CEO of Microsoft, dullard Ballmer makes Apple look cooler by comparison. So stay, Ballmer — you’re a great ying for Apple’s yang.

Lastly, Apple products are Pursuitist Recommended — since 2000 we’ve been 100% Apple-Google, 100% Microsoft-free.

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