The shoes Michael Jordan wore in the famous 1997 NBA finals “Flu Game” have sold at auction for $104,765. The sale price is a record for a pair of game-worn shoes in any sport. The Nike Air Jordan XII shoes were given to a Utah Jazz ball boy, Preston Truman, who befriended Jordan.

The story behind the shoes is that Jordan came down with the flu (although there is speculation he had food poisoning) prior to game five of the NBA finals. Despite being visibly drained all game, Jordan poured in 38 points, leading the Chicago Bulls to a victory (and eventually, his fifth championship). Jordan then gave the shoes to Truman after the game. Truman kept the shoes in a safe deposit box for 15 years before putting them up for auction.

Truman developed a relationship with Jordan beginning in 1996, fetching Jordan his favorite pregame snack: applesauce.

Truman said he plans to use the money to pay off his college loans.