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MessageMe App Providing An Emotionally Engaging Communication Experience

MessageMe App Providing An Emotionally Engaging Communication Experience

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MessageMe is one of the most interesting chat apps we’ve seen lately. Yes, just like WhatsApp or Viber, it allows you to send messages for free, only it comes with an add-on too. It provides a richer messaging experience. The app allows you to juggle with different types of content, such as: doodles, photos, videos and audio recordings, making the entire messaging experience fun, enjoyable and truly engaging. If you feel like sharing a photo with someone you can even access Google images, fast and without actually closing your messaging app and then opening the Google app. Inviting friends is also easy : you can do it via SMS, email or Facebook.

What’s really interesting is that in only 75 days since the official launch, MessageMe states that there are already 5 million users chatting via MessageMe (and that’s quite a performance). Not to mention that the boom created was so big, that only after a week, more than 1 million people were already enjoying rich media through mobile messaging. Last, but not least, the company received $10 million round of funding led by John Lilly from Greylock Partners.